Legal Advice for the Magistrates’ Court

Do you need legal advice for a magistrates’ court case? DAS Instant Law Line is a service which allows those in need of legal advice to get affordable legal help over the telephone, directly from a lawyer.

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Legal advice for criminal cases

Every criminal case conducted in the UK begins in a magistrates’ court – even the more serious charges which end up in a Crown Court must be referred there from a magistrates’ court first.

With more serious criminal charges, it would be highly unwise to attempt to defend yourself without the guidance of a dedicated barrister, or at least some form of legal advice. Of course, good legal advice rarely comes cheap, especially as legal aid continues to be eroded.


Speeding offences

Driving offences, such as speeding, drink driving, and driving without a licence, are often dealt with in a magistrates’ court.

Those charged with driving offences could face one or more of a number of different punishments, and jail time is reserved for only the more serious road offences – less serious crimes committed on the road can result in fines, points on your licence, a disqualification from driving, or maybe a combination of those.

The type and strength of the sentence will depend on the nature of the driving offence – for instance, you can be fined as much as £5,000 for driving without insurance, while a fine for being caught on the road without tax is limited to £1,000.

Avoiding a jail sentence is one thing, but the other available punishments can have equally damaging consequences for your life – a £5,000 fine could put you in a very difficult financial situation, and a disqualification from driving could cause you to lose your job.

If you have just been charged with a driving offence, or you have been summonsed to a magistrates’ court, Instant Law Line could help you.

While it would be ideal to have a lawyer to represent you throughout the proceedings, our service could give you instant legal advice, tailored to your circumstances – we could advise you on your chances of successfully defeating the charges, or at least reducing the punishment you might receive.

This kind of help could be available to you at affordable and flexible rates.


Advice in divorce and dissolution cases

Instant Law Line could also provide guidance if you are going through a divorce (or dissolution, if you are ending a civil partnership).

Settling a divorce quickly and amicably is undoubtedly best for all concerned, and this is often possible, especially if both partners agree to mediation to settle any differences they may have over assets, childcare arrangements, or anything else.

However, divorce is not always settled this easily, and you may find yourself heading to the magistrates’ court to battle with your ex-partner.

Instant Law Line can provide telephone legal advice on divorce as well, which could help you to get the divorce completed as quickly and easily as possible.